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    after neville takes over as a professor in Hogwarts he gives Molly the names of all the children who don’t receive presents and she knits them all a jumper so at Christmas you get a parade of kids walking around the halls snuggling all these oversized one lettered knitted weasley specials

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  • Happy Birthday Hermione!

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  • A coworker told me yesterday that I look like Audrey Hepburn, and I know she just said it to be nice, but oh my god it made my life.

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    Student: “Do you think you’ll need to masculinize the femme fatale in order to empower her within a film noir?”

    Me: “Absolutely not. I think it’s important for any woman to be herself within her own right, and still be valid as an individual. The point isn’t that she should be “manly” in order to be equal. It’s that she, as a human being, should be able to exist beyond the purpose of the male gaze.”


    Discussing my abstract for my final essay in Hollywood Cinema at Amherst College (via blondiewithsmarts)

    Bringing this back, because it has everything to do with what I’m trying to accomplish in Dope.

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    in which Lemony Snicket writes Harry Potter


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  • This is Miko, a champagne pink fox


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    so apparently an arm can sell on the black market for $885, ($500 for the shoulder plus $385 for the hand an forearm) 

    and a leg can sell for $500 (at least thats the lowest price of an albino leg so im guessing here) 

    So when someone says “That’ll cost an arm ad a leg” they are roughly asking for $1,335

    which is less than i would have guessed. 

    i didn’t spend this much time researching the cost of limbs on the black market for one note

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  • #married

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    i want a show called Man Vs. Wilde where someone is put in the jungle with oscar wilde and has to survive not only the elements but also wilde’s random attacks and massive ego


    Mann vs. Wilde.

    Thomas Mann’s pretensiousness and sexual repression vs. Oscar Wilde’s sarcasm and blatant queerness.

    Give it to me.

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    Since I’ve been receiving AMAZING people on my blog I felt like the only way to return it is doing something nice for you guys! So here’s my all-in-one masterpost with more than 180 links! I’ll be adding links sometimes, and if any links are dead you can use this website!

    001. Amazing websites:

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    006. Make-up/Beauty related:

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    009. Art references: 

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    011. Life Hacks: 

    012. Study related:

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    014. Becoming-an-adult related:

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    017. Other cute stuff:

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